Happiness is fleeting; joy is eternal. So choose the latter, for it is not the absence of suffering but the presence of God.

Anonymous asked: Hello. :) I like how your blog layout works-- very simple. Did you create it yourself? Can we use it, too? ^^,

Definitely not mine, though I did tweak the codes to make the size of the photos bigger. You can use it as you please since it’s a free tumblr theme anyway :)

Sweater weather.

Good morning, September! :)

Glorious Wednesday.

Anonymous asked: Hi! What do you use for post processing your photos? I love your IG feed. :)

Hello, anon. Thank you! For mobile/tablet photos (the ones on Instagram), I use the VSCO Cam app. Otherwise, I use Photoshop. ^^,

Some of today’s squares.

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08/23/14 in squares

Funny how we ended things in good terms and chose to remain friends yet it doesn’t feel like we are, at all.