Funny how we ended things in good terms and chose to remain friends yet it doesn’t feel like we are, at all.

In opening our eyes and slowing down to notice everything we are surrounded by, we allow ourselves and our hearts to be filled with beauty and joy.

It dies but continues to live because that’s how love is.

Instagram is where I post most of my stills these days. Hint: it’s under the same username as here. So yeah, see you there! :)

I’ve been, and still am, busy with medschool. By the way, am thrilled with the influx of followers — THANK YOU from the depths of my heart!

Title: The Scientist Artist: Coldplay 8,019 plays

The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Anonymous asked: Hi nikkiii I've been following you on IG for quite some time now and you really have a lovely feed. I hope you dont mind me asking, what slr cam are you using and the lens you're using? Take care always. xoxo :)

Hello. It would have been nice if you didn’t go anon. Anyhoo, thank you! My slr cam’s a D5k and I don’t have any other lenses except the kit, which is 18-55mm :)

So near yet so far.

Life’s simple pleasures.

Anonymous asked: Hiiiiiiiiii! Can I ask how did you make your photosets wider? My theme is also greying and everytime I make my setting to "wide" all gets wider except my photosets they keep on remaining at a width of 500px :/

I tweaked the codes a bit, with the help of a friend :)