So long, good night.

Good morning, folks!

Anonymous asked: check blogs, maybe?

Sure, hit that heart-shaped button :)

Oh, it’s a beautiful life!

Anonymous asked: where are you studying?

At the MSU-College of Medicine :)

littlemissemina asked: Hi Nikki! I'd just like to follow up the photo prints I sent you. Were you able to get them? I sent them almost a week ago :)

Received them already, Flo. The package arrived two days before my birthday. Felt like a birthday gift to me! Hihi Thank you for the prints and the keychain pushie. I only remembered yesterday that I haven’t acknowledged you yet so I posted a photo on instagram, and I tagged you. God bless the work of your hands. ‘Til our next swap :)

A ‘thank you’ would have sufficed, but nada.

Experimenting on Abby Bayani’s PS actions.

Golden hour.