Anonymous asked: HI! What's your instagram?

Hello, it’s the same username as here :)

Anonymous asked: Where'd ya bought your mason jars?

At Robinsons Centrio :)

Anonymous asked: How many gb is your zenfone?

16 gb :)

Sunrise and good vibes.

Anonymous asked: Hi nikki, on your instagram posts you only use your phone and edit it on vsco? i really love your IG feed. Stay awesome :)

Before I acquired my Zenfone 5, I used to solely take photos with my pad. Now, it’s either of the two. But yeah, the photos on my Instagram feed are purely mobile shots and I enhance the look and feel with the VSCO Cam App. Thank you, btw :)

halflois asked: Woooow your blog is beautiful!

Thank you so much for dropping by with such sweet words, Lois :)

Anonymous asked: For how much did you score the Zenfone 5? (That's the asus thing, right?) And how was it so far? :D

Spent around 7k and I think it’s a pretty decent amount considering its features and specs (well, of course, as compared to other brands with about the same quality but are way expensive). ^^,

Zenfone 5 x VSCO Cam

Patience, my dear. Patience. There is no shortcut to healing; you have to go through the process.

Happiness is fleeting; joy is eternal. So choose the latter, for it is not the absence of suffering but the presence of God.

Anonymous asked: Hello. :) I like how your blog layout works-- very simple. Did you create it yourself? Can we use it, too? ^^,

Definitely not mine, though I did tweak the codes to make the size of the photos bigger. You can use it as you please since it’s a free tumblr theme anyway :)

Sweater weather.